Live Chat | Your Online Receptionist

Episode Summary

Patients are becoming anti-social and would rather chat your front desk online than call. Learn how to drive new patients to your office through online chat.

Episode Notes

You have an in-person receptionist, but do you have an online receptionist? It's the premier concierge experience your patients deserve. Listen as Ryan Hungate, DDS shares how he developed chat software for optometrists, dentists, and any doc that wants a great online experience to drive patients to your office.

Simplifeye is the first and only 24/7 Live HIPAA Compliant Web Chat. The live chat team are trained to qualify patients to YOUR specifications (insurance, procedures, products etc.). Patient appointment info is passed to practices via an end-to-end encrypted, HIPAA-secure portal.

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Stay informed by using a built-in dashboard to analyze your current traffic and conversion metrics. Simplifeye doesn't just say they save the front desk time, they prove it!

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